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The ACHEM - Applied Chemistry GmbH (ACHEM - Angewandte Chemie GmbH) was founded by 1999 from Mr. Dieter Kubitza and Mr. Dr. Hartmut Holstein. Both founders have already had years of experience in their special fields. While Mr. Kubitza is an experienced foundry specialist and specialist for foundry separation materials, Dr. Holstein, educated as a chemist, can enrich the team by his knowledge of research and development of separation and parting agents. Together they form a successful team, which co-operates effectively and harmoniously.
From the beginning foundry separation materials and special parting agents were developed, manufactured and marketed.    
In 2002 the company was substantially extended. A new company building was bought and fitted to the special needs of release agent production. Beyond that Mr. Hubertus H. Block could be won for the company. Mr. Block has experience in the development and the production of parting agents and cleaners for PUR for over 20 years.    
Our main goal is to satisfy the customer. Only a satisfied customer will do business on a long-term basis. To satisfy the customer we have to share our experience, we have to execute incoming orders as fast as possible and we have to develop and to sell products with the highest degree of quality.

We try to meet customer's needs and promise to do our best.

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